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Fraud Protection
  • Client Information Verification
  • Risk Profiling
  • Customer Fraud Monitoring
  • International Civil and Criminal Proceedings
  • Verified by: Visa & MasterCard SecureCode
  • Online Buyer Protection Policy & Dispute Resolution
  • Use Chargeback as Last Resort!
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Client Information Verification Both Buyers and Sellers are verified for their relevant information,
to ensure successful trading for all parties.
Risk Profiling A risk profile is generated for client and every transaction.
Action is taken against any suspicious activity.
International Civil and Criminal Proceedings We provide a zero tolerance for clients who take advantage of others.
Our legal team goes to great lengths with law enforcement agencies in order to
bring people to justice.
Verified by:
Visa & MasterCard SecureCode
Transactions are passed regularly to be verified with issuing banks.
This helps to minimize chargebacks.
Online Buyer Protection Policy & Dispute Resolution We provide an online resolution center where buyers and sellers can resolve any issues.
We always pursue any attempts to resolve issues speedily and amicably
to the benefit of all concerned.
Use Chhargeback as Last Resort! Many merchants share and report chargebacks to privately controlled reporting agencies.
Although many chargebacks are legitimate there are chargebacks that are done as excuses for non payment.
First and foremost an attempt to settle any disputes should be done between a
Buyer and a Seller.
If any issues are unresolved let our team to resolve the issue for you.
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